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Amazing sleep, inspired dreaming ... It's the season to dream on to new possibilities.

Structural Integration techniques have positive and immediate effects on poor nighttime breathing that interrupts our health. BodyAlive! Center can help nighttime breathing issues, insomnia, and the root causes of sleep apnea symptoms. Dreams and big, huge, deep sleep are powerful healers and inspire the BodyAlive!

Interrupted sleep's core issues are rooted in breathing and posture. You are invited to learn how specific structural bodywork restores your sleep.
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Deconstructing Obstructive Sleep Apnea


What about
Belly Breathing? 

Surprisingly, not all breathing is good breathing that supports mental and physical health. Learn more about proper DAYTIME and NIGHTTIME breathing in the articles section.




What about

Recipes For You?

BodyAlive! offers recipes and step-by-step coaching on the raw, living foods diet. Hands-on, experiential instruction with no-heat, no-worries "cooking" for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

  • Green Dream: an Alkalizing Morning Drink
  • Chocolate Almond Brownies!

... and much, much more!

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    Soma Neuromuscular Integration®

    "In SOMA, we are softening the 'hard wiring' and accessing more somatic options. We are not working toward the evolution of a 'perfect person' by replacing old patterns with new 'right ones,' but rather towards a less predictable, more authentic individual who has the option to respond in new and creative ways to their environment."
    Marcia W. Nolte
    Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration®


    Soma Neuromuscular Integration®

    Certified SOMA practitioners are trained at the Soma Institute for Neuromuscular Integration® in Buckley, Washington. The goal of SOMA is to embody people with a profound connection to self through balancing the human structure's connective tissue system or myofascial network within the field of the Earth's gravity. Soma work is a distinctive form of Structural Integration and in the late 1970s became the first of many offshoots from Ida Rolf’s brilliant research and bodywork.

    The SOMA technique is a deep-tissue manual therapy that utilizes movement repatterning and useful communication to integrate the fascia, musculature, and nerves—changing the body's shape and function, allowing the body and mind to experience a powerful partnership that is more healthy and sustainable.

    This proven process is, by necessity, a "sequential unfolding." The manual manipulation techniques start superficially and, through the series of sessions, move though deeper and  deeper layers of musculature and nerve. The outside-to-inside process ensures a building of trust and reestablishes the deep-tissue balance and mobility that is needed to positively effect the nervous, joint, and muscular function. The gains created in each session combine synergistically as the series unfolds—because of this, the benefits created are often continuous.

    This proven process also recognizes the brilliance of creating a "foundation" so all the positive changes can be maintained. Soma utilizes thorough bodywork on the feet, legs, and knees to create a felt sense of efficient support. Soma also uses the Client Journey Book, Personal Logs, "home-play" explorations, and if wanted, Somassage® sessions to further the foundation.

    The goal is to attend to the "historic back-log" of specific and systemic injuries, stresses, and traumas that mat-down, dry-up, and prematurely age the body's network of connective tissues—tissues that surround, define, support, educate and nourish the nerve, joint, and muscle systems. This back-log is often what limits or makes short-lived the gains achieved with massage, chiropractic, and Physical Therapy treatments.

    Freeing-up, mobilizing and re-balancing the deep musculature and surrounding fascia brings forth the subtle and large somatic shifts that reestablish a sense of joyous embodiment, feeding personal growth and optimum health.

    SOMA has been effective in treating sport/auto injuries, chronic pain and diagnoses such as sciatica, whiplash, asthma, fybromyalgia, carpal tunne/repetitive motion strainl, depression, ADD and more.

    The SNI® Series of eleven session creates far-reaching benefits as it accurately re-lengthens, re-educates and releases the whole body's connective tissue network; positively effecting the nerves, joints, and muscles. SOMA is a true state-of-the-art opportunity to integrate the fragmented pieces of us that have stopped working together.

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