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Amazing sleep, inspired dreaming ... It's the season to dream on to new possibilities.

Structural Integration techniques have positive and immediate effects on poor nighttime breathing that interrupts our health. BodyAlive! Center can help nighttime breathing issues, insomnia, and the root causes of sleep apnea symptoms. Dreams and big, huge, deep sleep are powerful healers and inspire the BodyAlive!

Interrupted sleep's core issues are rooted in breathing and posture. You are invited to learn how specific structural bodywork restores your sleep.
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Deconstructing Obstructive Sleep Apnea


What about
Belly Breathing? 

Surprisingly, not all breathing is good breathing that supports mental and physical health. Learn more about proper DAYTIME and NIGHTTIME breathing in the articles section.




What about

Recipes For You?

BodyAlive! offers recipes and step-by-step coaching on the raw, living foods diet. Hands-on, experiential instruction with no-heat, no-worries "cooking" for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

  • Green Dream: an Alkalizing Morning Drink
  • Chocolate Almond Brownies!

... and much, much more!

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    Somassage® is a full-body, myofascial release massage that was developed from the principles of SOMA Neuromuscular Integration. Somassage opens and releases layers of fascia and organizes the musculature to work well with gravity. The slow, deep and intentional strokes reset the nervous system and leave you feeling grounded, light and with a greater ease of movement, balance and grace. An elegant and  focused treatment that facilitates whole-body integration, Somassage is an “attitude adjustment for the body.”

    Energizing      Balancing     Educational

    Somassage® is right for you... 

    • If you need bodywork that will both relax you and leave you with greater energy and stamina for work.
    • If you need or want to increase your function and productivity at work.
    • If you want to improve your physical performance in athletic or artistic pursuits.
    • If you want to prepare for receiving the 11-session SOMA series.
    • If you are a post-series structural integration client looking for work that will support and strengthen the changes created in your body.

    Somassage® in relation to Structural Integration Series work...

    Systematic, specific structural rebalancing of the body's fascial web is the goal of SOMA. This reordering process, once completed in the series, requires a long period of time for the body to finish integrating the new balance. During this period, many people want some regular type of touch that will support and maintain the work. This need is met effectively by Somassage technique.

    Somassage® begins with a holographic body reading to assess patterns of imbalance that can be unwound with the work. Sessions can prepare you for your day, help you feel grounded by resetting your postural relationship to gravity. These sessions are designed to last two hours, but can be modified into 90-minute treatments. Some sessions will integrate specific treatment work, as needed.