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Amazing sleep, inspired dreaming ... It's the season to dream on to new possibilities.

Structural Integration techniques have positive and immediate effects on poor nighttime breathing that interrupts our health. BodyAlive! Center can help nighttime breathing issues, insomnia, and the root causes of sleep apnea symptoms. Dreams and big, huge, deep sleep are powerful healers and inspire the BodyAlive!

Interrupted sleep's core issues are rooted in breathing and posture. You are invited to learn how specific structural bodywork restores your sleep.
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Deconstructing Obstructive Sleep Apnea


What about
Belly Breathing? 

Surprisingly, not all breathing is good breathing that supports mental and physical health. Learn more about proper DAYTIME and NIGHTTIME breathing in the articles section.




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Recipes For You?

BodyAlive! offers recipes and step-by-step coaching on the raw, living foods diet. Hands-on, experiential instruction with no-heat, no-worries "cooking" for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

  • Green Dream: an Alkalizing Morning Drink
  • Chocolate Almond Brownies!

... and much, much more!

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    SOMA Treatment Work Sessions

    SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® (SNI) techniques are employed to address a recent injury or pain issue. Treatment work is designed to balance and reintegrate a joint or a body region overcome by stress and "compensatory movement patterns." Treatments educate, rejuvenate and support the body’s ability to heal; they are custom, specific and integral.

    Certain SOMA series sessions can be taken straight from the SNI® Series and utilized as effective treatments. These specific sessions can be received as one-time treatments for quick results. These are called "stand-alone" sessions because they do not need to be followed-up by another appointment like most the SOMA series sessions.

    The "stand-alones" from the 11-session SNI® series are: 

    • # 1 of series for "Breath-ability"
      A breath-oriented session to make it easier to utilize breath mechanics for fuller, easier breathing.
    • # 2 of series for "Happy Feet"
      A foot and lower leg session to offer quick improvements to stability, coordination... or...
    • # 3 of series for optimally-free ribs and shoulder cuff
      A low back and deep shoulder session to spread-out shortness that gather-up and bind the left and right sides of the torso.
    • #7 of series for "Putting on the Head"
      A head and neck session to offer better alignment and relief from restricted movement, headaches, TMJ pain, poor breathing and swallowing, forward head posture, and whiplash.
    • The Arms Session for free movement in arms
      A finger/thumb, hand, wrist, forearm, arm and shoulder session to get the arms out of and free from being jammed up into the neck -- Aric himself gets this session five times a year to avoid and cancel-out any repetitive stress from working.

      These treatments are often used as a foundation for expanding into a specific in-depth treatment series that addresses more complex or long-standing issue like...
    • fallen arches
    • sciatic impingement
    • repetitive motion injuries
    • frozen shoulder
    • sleep apnea / snoring
    • whiplash / migraine headaches
    • pain in the back, hips, or gluteal area
    • joint replacement -- post- or pre-surgery support
    • attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder

    SOMA Structural Integration® techniques used outside of the 11-series format can offer quick support and progress in treating many conditions and accidents. Often, clients move into completing the series once their initial treatment goals are met.

    Clients have reported great results... 

    Injury Treatment Session Testimonial

    Client: publisher. 

    What you were concerned about when you came in?
    As a result of major foot surgery, I was most concerned about how I would get back to my former level of mobility. I have long-term issues with the same leg and foot that are related to a 30-year-old major injury, so there was much work I wanted to do around scar tissue and mechanics.

    Why you chose to try SOMA bodywork.
    There are so many modalities and many of them are too lightweight for me. SOMA sounded like the kind of deep-tissue structural integration kind of bodywork I was looking for. I had much experience with Rolfing, so I had an inkling of what I was looking for.

    What were your goals for the session or sessions?
    The goal was mobility. My biggest challenge is getting back on and staying on my feet.
    The other goal is to head off future disabilities.

    What actually happened during the session?
    What has happened in every session is that each session I’ve left with greater movement and a feeling of space in areas of my body that are typically hard as wood … locked down. I have greater movement within my frame.  It seems to propel my healing process as well.

    Was there a "body reading" or evaluation that was helpful?
    Yes, the initial evaluation was enlightening and each time we meet there is a discussion beforehand as to what my goals are this session and where I feel work is needed.

    Was there instruction, training or homework that was helpful?
    Yes. Each time Aric sends me home with something to think about … some tip or advice about movement or a certain exercise/practice that carries me to the next session.  

    What does the bodywork feel like to receive?
    The receiving is multi-faceted. Mostly it feels really good to me because I like deep, intense pressure. It can be challenging because there are painful places that need to be released. Aric is very good about guiding me through those times with breath and movement reminders.

    What results are you living with now that were created with the session or sessions? 
    The result is that I am receiving relief from the pain and stress … and I have far more hope that I will be way ahead of the curve in terms of where someone with my degree of injury might be without SOMA.

    How do these benefits relate to your "everyday" living?
    My quality of life is enhanced on a far greater scale than I can describe. The benefits are both tangible and intangible. I know my attitude toward everything is improving since beginning my sessions with Aric.

    Was there a product I was sold that was helpful?
    Vitamineral Green … amazing stuff!

    and finally...

    What is it like to work with Aric, and do you have suggestions for any improvements? 
    It’s a joy for me working with Aric.  It was comfortable from the first. I have a lot of experience with this modality of bodywork, and so I felt I understood him and spoke his language a bit. I think receiving a link to his website and the time he spent with me on the phone initially really helped that along.