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Amazing sleep, inspired dreaming ... It's the season to dream on to new possibilities.

Structural Integration techniques have positive and immediate effects on poor nighttime breathing that interrupts our health. BodyAlive! Center can help nighttime breathing issues, insomnia, and the root causes of sleep apnea symptoms. Dreams and big, huge, deep sleep are powerful healers and inspire the BodyAlive!

Interrupted sleep's core issues are rooted in breathing and posture. You are invited to learn how specific structural bodywork restores your sleep.
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Deconstructing Obstructive Sleep Apnea


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Belly Breathing? 

Surprisingly, not all breathing is good breathing that supports mental and physical health. Learn more about proper DAYTIME and NIGHTTIME breathing in the articles section.




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Recipes For You?

BodyAlive! offers recipes and step-by-step coaching on the raw, living foods diet. Hands-on, experiential instruction with no-heat, no-worries "cooking" for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

  • Green Dream: an Alkalizing Morning Drink
  • Chocolate Almond Brownies!

... and much, much more!

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    BodyAlive! Raw Vegan Recipe Sampler


    These are my favorite, simple recipes. I try to prioritize what is most seasonal and efficient to inspire a few new items into your menu. For more adventurous yummies, hands-on experience and lively lectures, come to class!

     NEW Green Smoothie RECIPE!

    Chipotle Chai Green Smoothie (superlative!)

    Grind up in a Vitamix and strain through nylon or "nut milk" bag:
    Kale, cucumber peels, carrot, ginger, celery, burdock root, collard greens and stems... dare I say, "etc..."
    Use some ice cubes and Chipotle Chai tea (herbal) in this blending—bought in Seattle, at the World Spice Merchants. Return just enough juice to the blender to blend an avocado, the cucumber "meat"—remember, the peels went into the first blending and any supplemets like pre-soaked chia seed smoothie, green drink powders, lecithin,... etc... Once the additions are blended, add remaining juice and gently blend.

    That's it! Enjoy!

    If you are inspired to add, as watchmakers affectionately call a "complication" to the mechanical mix.... the above recipe can be nutritionally super-charged by adding probiotics to the chia, flax or almond milks. I do not strain the first two milks. Sometimes I add powdered digestive enzymes.

    Green Dream

    This is a great way to use the nutritious, but often underutilized stems/bottoms of a bunch greens or use up an overabundance of veggies if you are so fortunate to find yourself in that position! This recipe has a lot of wiggle room for your creativity, but is designed to produce a super, highly mineralized, vitamin-packed and alkalinizing soup while offering a smooth, creamy and refined taste -- you can make it more or less fiber-rich, as you wish.
    Pour it in a jar and take it on the go. I eat this yumminess for breakfast, too!

    Step 1:

    Take any and all fresh green veggies that can fit in your blender (e.g.: parsley, kale, beet greens, cilantro, celery, cucumber, broccoli) and blend with about 2 cups of water. Add a few other highly nutritious morsels, (e.g. burdock, fresh turmeric... and a whole lemon and an apple are key ingredients in my book) and blend well again. Now take a mesh bag (like one you would use for nut milk -- a paint bag works just fine) and a large bowl and strain the blended mixture through the bag. 

    Step 2:

    Pour the strained mixture back in the blender and add half an avocado, 1-2 T of chickpea miso, celtic sea salt to taste, and spices such as cumin and coriander. You can also add more greens -- perhaps a cup of chopped spinach and a healthy tablespoon of Vitamineral Greens to create a supercharged and fiber-rich meal.

    I've garnished with chopped veggies -- bok choy and celery are my favorite so far...and sometimes swirl in olive or flax oil into the bowls right before serving.

    Another option is to use nut milk in the place of water or add it after step 1.

    So simple and so good!!! ENJOY!

    (P.S. - You can use the veggie fiber left in the bag in your next batch of dehydrated crackers!)


    Chocolate Almond Brownies

    2 c raw organic almonds
    1 c coconut flakes

    Grind in a food processor until mostly smooth and creamy, just before nut butter smooth!

    1 1/2 c cacao powder
    1/2 t taste.
    1/4 c agave nectar

    Blend again throroughly. Place "dough" on a sheet and mould into a large rectangle, about
    1-inch thick. Cut into small brownie-sized cubes and serve! How simple can you get!



    Lively Snack

    ½ avocado, in skin with pit removed

    3 T of your favorite mix of sprouts placed on avo

    Drizzle olive or flax oil and lemon juice to taste


    Breakfast Porridge

    Place all the following ingredients but the last two in blender. Pour very warm, almost hot water over 3 c oats , kamut or wheat berries (that have been soaked overnight), ¼ c cashews , ½ c pumpkin seeds , 3-5 drops lemon oil and 1 tsp vanilla. Blend on medium, then high, into a creamy meal. Add 2 T ground flax , 1 T coconut butter and blend again briefly. Eat immediately! YUM!!!




    Aimee's Delicata Squash Spice Soup

    2 c delicata squash diced

    ginger grated for 1-2 T of juice

    1 t coriander

    ¼ T onion

    1/8 t habenero pepper minced

    1 t honey

    2 pinches of salt

    3-4 T scallion chopped to sprinkle

    *raw sour cream (optional) to dollup

    Put squash, 1 pinch of salt and pepper in a stainless steel or glass bowl. Pour very hot water into bowl. Pour off water immediately. Place into blender. Add ginger, honey, onion, 2nd pinch of salt, coriander and 1 cup warm water. Blend on highest speed for 2 minutes.

    Serve immediately.

    serves 2

    *Sour Cream blend ¼ c rejuvelac/water with 2 c soaked cashews or pine nuts. Blend in a pinch or two of celtic salt and ¼- 1/3 c of lemon juice.

    Beet Polarity Soup (from Vibrant Living)

    1 c beets chopped

    1 c fresh carrot juice or chopped

    1 c filtered water

    ½ c avocado

    ¼ c apple juice

    2 ½ tsp lemon juice

    1 tsp liquid aminos, nama shoyu or miso

    1-2 t fresh dill (or more!)

    2 T fresh basil leaves, minced

    1 garlic clove

    Puree everything but a few beets until creamy. Chop leftover beets super small and add for texture. To serve top with sour cream and dill sprinkled on top.




    Chop Chop Yum ( BodyAlive! Center)

    Avocado diced

    Kale diced

    Arugula diced

    Tomato diced

    Flax oil


    An on the go delight! Add sprouts if you’ve got’em. Also great with beet kraut or kimchee. Just mix and enjoy!



    Sunflower Pate `

    Basic: 2 c. sprouted sunflower seeds, 1 T nama shoyu, 1 clove garlic, 1 T olive oil

    Version 2: add olives, basil and chiles (or powder)

    Version 3: add 1+ T Dill, 1 t miso, chopped onion to taste

    Blend all base ingredients except oil in food processor until soft and smooth. Add all extra ingredients and blend well. Add oil last and blend quickly.




    Garden Flax Bread (BodyAlive! Center)

    2-3 c flax seeds soaked

    1 c soaked sesame seeds

    1 c soaked and dehydrated pumpkin seeds

    1 lg red or yellow bell pepper

    ½ c soaked sun-dried tomatoes

    1 tomato diced

    1 lg carrot shredded

    1 T olive oil

    1 t fresh spicy pepper or chili powder (or to taste)

    sea salt or nama shoyu

    ½ -1 c of dill, cilantro, parsley, basil in combination or alone to your preference

    Blend sunflower and sesame seeds with salt, spices, and about 2/3 of the flax seeds in a Vitamix.

    In food processor, combine the above mixture with the rest of the ingredients, except the carrots,

    and tomatoes and blend well. Stir in the carrots and tomatoes. Spread onto teflex sheet in a ½ inch thick square

    for bread (thinner for crackers) and smooth with a spatula.

    Dehydrate at 108 degrees for between 24-28 hours, flipping sides in between. About 2-4 hours after flipping you can score into bread or crackers. Heat until crispy for crackers, a little less time for bread.



    Carob Pudding

    1 ½ c raw carob powder
    4 Hass avocado
    2 T vanilla flavoring
    1 large frozen banana, chopped
    1 T stevia
    Agave to taste

    In a bowl, mash and combine avocado and carob powder and vanilla. This does not have to be perfectly blended, just get all the powder moistened -- it will likely be lumpy. Add to blender the frozen banana, ½ c water or date soak water and 1 T of stevia and blend. Add about 2/3 c of avo-carob mixture to the blender and continue adding more as it becomes smooth. Add agave any time during this last step. Taste to see if you want it sweeter. Serve immediately or chilled.